We can guarantee to you that:

  • Your child will have access to a healthy and balanced diet
  • Your child’s dietary requirements are met
  • Your child will learn how to make healthy food choices
  • Your child will learn about the importance of hygiene
  • We will establish a regular eating pattern for your child

Both our nurseries are proud to hold the ‘Five Star Healthy Eating Certification’. The meals are carefully prepared onsite by our full time chef using the highest quality ingredients. You will have peace of mind that your child will have the sustenance they need to enjoy all our activities! Our menus change on rotation to give your child plenty of variation. Along with 3 meals a day, they will be offered healthy snacks and will be offered milk or water to drink.

In addition, food provides so many learning opportunities in our nurseries:

  • We cook and bake with your child
  • We encourage mealtimes to be sociable and fun
  • We role play with pretend shopping and cooking
  • We introduce responsibilities to your child like table setting and tidying up


Click the link below to download our current menus in a PDF document: