Nursery Funding

Nursery Funding

Here at Beaconsfield Childcare we offer the EEF grant funding for all 3 and 4 year old children, starting the term after they turn 3 years old. The terms run in conjunction with the term dates on Bucks County Council website.

Accessing the funding is made easy for you, as we apply on your behalf to Bucks County Council each term. All we ask you to do is to fill out, sign and date one form (PPA-U or PPA-E) and bring along a form of ID for your child (this must be done prior to a child accessing the funding). A new PPA-U/PPA-E form needs to be filled out every September, even if nothing has changed since the previous form was completed, as this is considered best practice. We do all of the rest for you.

The funding can be accessed by all eligible children attending either 38 or 51 weeks at the setting. All children are eligible for the full 570 free hours per annum and this is accessed via the standard offer over 38 weeks or the stretched offer over 51 weeks. The fees are still worked out monthly for both offers.

All children will be eligible for a maximum of 15 hours/week, subject to attending 5 sessions or more (attending either 3 or 4 sessions per week gets you 12.5 free hours/week).

Since September 2018, there is now also the opportunity for parents to double these EEF hours to 30 by obtaining what is called a “30 hour code”. Parents need to check their own eligibility on the HMRC website, and if successful, pass us over the code obtained, along with the NI number used to gain the code. The maximum amount of hours is subject to the amount of hours and/or sessions attended and is set out clearly in our “Admissions Policy”.

If your child is eligible for 2 year old funding, you can use their entitlement at our setting. Once you are in receipt of either a 6-digit code/letter from Bucks County Council declaring your eligibility, please contact us to arrange it for you. The paperwork for 2 year old funding is a form called a PPA-2YO, and we would also need to see ID for your child, prior to them accessing the funded hours/sessions.

Please note that we do operate a totally separate EEF fee structure, that cannot be directly compared to the standard fee structure. This is because we are not allowed to simply charge “top up” fees (where parents are simply charged the difference between the standard fees and what Bucks pay us for the funded hours), as this goes against the code of practice. Therefore, we have a totally separate fee structure for funding, and we are given autonomy as a private setting when setting funded fee rates. If you would like to see a copy of our funded fee structure, then please do ask.

Both our Admissions Policy and our Funded Fee Structure are subject to regular audits to ensure they are compliant.

Please refer to our Admissions Policy for any further information on the EEF funding and how it works at both of our settings. If you do have any questions relating to the above/EEF funding, then please contact our Group Business & HR Manager @

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What parents say:

‘We have been at the nursery since it was opened, both our children have gone there. Both from the age of six months through to starting school. We have been very impressed with the nursery from day one and both the children have gained so much from being there. It will feel strange not going there when our daughter starts school next year.'
J Burfoot