Our Curriculum

Our aim is to build strong foundations and promote resilience, so that the children attending our setting can flourish, becoming successful, life-long learners and members of society. We support them to develop effective learning habits through the Characteristics of Effective Learning and the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.

In our setting your children will experience an enabling environment which is warm and supportive. This in turn supports the children to begin to link learning to their play and exploration through our holistic provision. Our set of core values help to support our ambitious curriculum.

Our curriculum document includes an overview of our intent, implementation, and impact. It also includes details on our learning and achievement aspirations for children in our care, along with our vision and principles.

To view or download the curriculum document, please click here (opens in a new tab).

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What parents say:

‘Brindley House is a lovely nursery that caters for children's individual needs. The staff are wonderful and welcoming and it is obvious that they really care about the children in the setting. My daughter attended Brindley House for 2 years- from Rainbow Room to Rocket Space Room (pre-school age) and just left to go to school in September. She loved being at nursery and had a great relationship with her carers. The activities and play experiences carried out supported my child greatly through learning and she is now doing great in school. Thank you Brindley’.
Parent, Burnham

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