Northgate House Nursery Rooms

Little Dots

The Little Dots room is located upstairs and caters for your baby from 3 months to 18 months old. Little Dots is divided into two rooms with a sleep and nappy changing area in between. We have deliberately created a home from home environment so that your baby will feel loved, safe and secure. Your baby will be encouraged in their mental and physical development through playing, singing and messy activities.

Coral Reef

Your child will have a great time in this room from 18 months to 30 months. In Coral Reef your child will progress from highchairs to chairs and tables during meal times. We also provide your child with more challenging and stimulating age related activities to encourage their communication.

Jungle Safari

Your child can have fun in this room from aged 2 to 3 years. It provides a transitional room from the baby area prior to your child entering the pre-school environment of Rocket Space. Your child will be offered a wide range of activities to aid their learning and development.
Jungle Safari has nappy changing facilities within the room, with a separate screened area to ensure your child’s privacy during potty training. There is also a toilet located in this area.
Your child will be very physical at this age and so we encourage creativity, curiosity and imagination – this room is very busy! A maximum of 10 children in this room allows for 1:1 opportunities for your child and gives them the guidance to experiment and take risks – expanding their learning environment.

Rocket Space

This is our pre-school room for your child to start when they are aged 2 years seven months to 5 years. Your child is able to safely free flow into the garden, which gives them more variety and encourages play in the fresh air. Your child will prepare for starting school here with time spent on classroom activities, such as learning the letters of the alphabet and numbers, and most importantly, learning through play.
You child’s time in the Rocket Space room will make moving onto school so much easier for your child, and much less daunting for them. Schools say that they notice those who have been in a nursery environment before school – it will put your child ahead of the game!

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What parents say:

‘My son absolutely loves Brindley House, he is always happy to go and never wants to come home! He takes part in a wide variety of activities and enjoys the outdoor play whatever the weather. His speech and social development have come on leaps and bounds in the last year. We couldn't be happier with the level of care given to my son and would not hesitate in recommending Brindley House to anyone’.
EG, Chesham