July and the end of the school year at Beaconsfield Childcare is always a moving time, as we say goodbye to our leavers. Some of these children have been at our nurseries in Beaconsfield since they were babies and watching them grow up is an enormous privilege. Our staff love helping with each child’s development and whilst it’s sad to see them go, it’s great to know what a positive impact our nurseries have had on their lives.

We see helping children to prepare for school as a huge part of our job and work hard at helping them with simple tasks like putting their own shoes and coats on, as well as getting them ready for learning by helping with things like letter and number recognition. Lots of the activities we do in Rocket Space and Jungle Safari at both nurseries in Beaconsfield also help with building strength in little hands and developing the fine motor skills needed for writing.

Both nurseries held Graduation Parties for our leavers, which were themed Princesses and Super-Heroes. The theme was chosen by the children themselves!

Each party had a bouncy castle, which children from all rooms of the nursery were also able enjoy, as well as face painting, games and party food.

We’d like to wish all our children who are starting at big school in September the best of luck and thank all these families for their support. We’ll miss you!