It’s been a while since we’ve done a Meet the Team feature. All our parents will know how important recruiting the right staff for our nurseries in Beaconsfield is, so this month we’re meeting Lisa, one of our newer members of the team.

Lisa is currently second-in-charge of Little Dots at Brindley House. She has been with us since November 2017 but has been working in childcare for fifteen years and is Level 3 qualified. Lisa tells us that she loves working with children and finds it incredibly fulfilling: “It’s very rewarding watching children accomplish the things I have been supporting them with, such as walking for the first time or feeding themselves.”

It’s also good to hear how well she’s settled in to Brindley House Nursery, “It has a good atmosphere and is a nice working environment. I’m also really pleased with the support I receive.”
And here are Lisa’s answers to our questions:

Favourite book to share with the children: Peter Rabbit

Favourite messy activity: Playdough

Favourite Disney film: The Lion King

Favourite Ice- cream: chocolate chip mint

Thanks Lisa!