We are always looking for different ways of enhancing learning experiences at Beaconsfield Childcare and so we decided to get involved with British Science Week, the UK’s largest celebration of science, which ran from 9th – 18th March this year.

All of our team were really enthusiastic about contributing to the different activities planned and it was wonderful to see some of the rooms in the nurseries turned into ‘science labs’.

“We feel it is crucial the children are challenged to think beyond their comfort zone and question the world around them. By embracing science experiments the children are questioning and making predictions through trial and error as well as making new discoveries. As it is experimental there is no worry that children will make mistakes,” explains Sarah, owner of Beaconsfield Childcare.

Some of the experiments that took place over the week included soaking eggs in vinegar to see if they would bounce, using magnets, adding washing up liquid to puddles to see the effect, adding water to jelly beans to watch what happens and creating a volcanic eruption.

Even the youngest children in the nursery were able to take part. Coral Reef saw what happened when they added water to jelly beans and mixed oil and water and the babies had fun exploring yoghurt and food colouring and painting with bubbles!

Nadine, manager at Northgate House, says, “Although we incorporate science throughout our curriculum it was good to have a focus. I think my favourite experiment was from Coral Reef – jelly sweets in water – the children got really excited about the ‘rainbow’ colours. The reaction of the children in Rocket Space with their volcano was also really lovely!”

Watching the curiosity, wonder and joy of the children as they got involved has made for a really special week at both nurseries in Beaconsfield. Every room was full of children asking questions and having fun and it’s definitely something we’ll do again next British Science Week.