It may be getting colder, damper and darker but when you’ve got little ones there is often the need to get out of the house at the weekends. Burning up excess energy and getting some fresh air is often a key component of a successful weekend!

Here are some ideas to make the weekend walk a little more appealing to the younger members of the family. One of our favourite ideas is a scavenger hunt. Children love looking for things and it’s a fantastic way of getting them to interact with the world around them. This website has hunts for all seasons:

This site also has loads of ideas if you like the idea of making your own hunt. There are so many different ways you can get children thinking about colours, numbers, trees and other things, whilst having fun. We love taking them out for walks at nursery at this time of year as there’s always so much to collect, conkers and acorns being a big favourite!

If your little ones aren’t always as keen as you to get out, this website has some great tips for walking with small children:

And finally here are some of our favourite places locally to go for walks:

Burnham Beeches
Black Park
• Cookham
• Ledborough Woods