At Beaconsfield Childcare we’re lucky to have a diverse and engaged community of parents. We regularly welcome parents and other family members into our nurseries to share information about their careers or hobbies that are interesting and exciting to the children.

Our visit in the summer from Rob, a firefighter, was a very exciting day for everyone at Brindley House. Rob, Jack and Harry’s dad, brought lots of equipment with him for the children to try on and play with. He explained the key points of fire safety in a really engaging manner, which brought the subject to life for the children, and stimulated lots of questions and imaginative play for days afterwards!

Firefighter parent visits nursery in Beaconsfield to talk about fire safety

Sarah, owner and manager of Beaconsfield Childcare, explains why these visits are so beneficial: “Parents are children’s primary carers and we feel the relationships the team develop with parents is critical for the children to feel secure and happy within the nursery. Therefore, when parents can bring their expertise into the setting it has very positive outcomes for not only the child involved but all children within the setting.”

Speedy the Tortoise was another recent visitor, kindly accompanied by a parent. Seeing a real live tortoise on World Animal Day was a real highlight for the children and as Becky, Brindley’s manager explains, “It was lovely the parent had taken time to come in; the children were very happy to meet Speedy and to be able to interact with him.”

Speedy visits Brindley House Nursery in Beaconsfield as part of World Animal Day

Recent parent visits at Northgate House Nursery included Victoria, Sienna’s mummy, who kindly came to talk to us about ballet and dancing on Ballet Day, which was wonderful.

Ballet Day at Beaconsfield Childcare

If you have a hobby or job that you think children would be interested in hearing about, please do mention it to staff next time you’re at nursery – we would love to see you!