We hope that you’re now aware of Curl Around Childcare, our new Before and After School club running at St Mary’s and All Saints School in Beaconsfield. Today, as part of our Meet the Team feature, we thought you might like to know a little more about Leanne, the manager at Curl Around Childcare.

Leanne joined Beaconsfield Childcare in 2014, starting at Brindley House as a newly qualified nursery practitioner. She is passionate about her job and the opportunities working with us have offered her: “Through the care and support of the management team, I rapidly gained confidence and experience, leading me to taking on the role of Before and After School club Room Leader. This was a position I held for almost two years and really enjoyed.”

When we decided to open Curl Around, Leanne was the obvious choice for the new venture as she had brought so much fun to the Before and After School Club at Brindley House Nursery. She explains what she loves about her role: “I am passionate about the development and growth of the children and love hearing about their days at school. I am thoroughly enjoying my new venture. I am keeping busy getting to know lots of new children and planning extremely exciting activities for us to do, but I still love working in all of the rooms at Brindley House during the day!”

Leanne couldn’t tell us her favourite Disney film as she’s such a huge fan, so her top three are:
1. Beauty and the Beast
2. The Little Mermaid
3. Frozen

Her favourite book to read with the children at Brindley: The Gruffalo

Her favourite messy activity: Gloop

Her favourite ice cream flavour: Anything chocolatey!

Thanks Leanne!