After the success of our Fathers’ Day visits, Brindley House Nursery was delighted to celebrate Grandparents’ Day this year by inviting the children’s grandparents to join us at our nursery in Beaconsfield for the afternoon. The children were really excited by their special visitors and it was wonderful to see them enjoying activities together.

Beaconsfield Childcare recognise the huge importance of involving families as much as possible in the nurseries and the benefit this brings to children. Owner, Sarah Fahey explains, “As a setting we think it is crucial to include each child’s family as they play the biggest role in their lives. By inviting parents and grandparents into the nurseries we are showing strong partnership and working for the best outcomes for the children. Plus, of course, it’s lots of fun for everyone!”

Grandparents Day at Brindley House Nursery in Beaconsfield

There were many different activities that visiting grandparents were able to get involved with including icing biscuits, sticking fun, exploring the garden and enjoying story time. “It was really lovely to see the grandparents interact with their grandchildren yesterday, all the children were very excited and had a lovely time,” smiles Brindley House Nursery manager, Becky.

As well as fun days like this one, there are also more formal ways for families to work in partnership with our nurseries and the next Brindley House Parents Forum will be held on October 17th from 7.15pm in our After-School Club. We look forward to welcoming as many parents as possible.