At Northgate House on 25th May we all came to nursery in our favourite fancy dress costumes. There were pirates, minions, super-heroes and princesses as well as a police officer and a fire fighter! Thank you for all the kind donations from our lovely parents and staff.

The Team   – Crackerjacks day                                RS Fancy Dress

Batman & A Storm Trooper

IMG_0577 Rapunzel, Batman & Spiderman     J&M                                                                                                                                      Captain America & Spiderman

IMG_8445  Princess Elsa, A Lion and Superman           <img class="alignnone wp-image-666" src="×224.jpg" alt="CR2" width="244" height="182" srcset="×224.jpg 300w, Learn More×574.jpg 768w,×765.jpg 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 244px) 100vw, 244px” />

2 Pirates, Tinkerbell, a Fairy Princess and a Scary Skeleton

LD  And Finally Batgirl & an Oriental Princess

At the last count at the end of the day yesterday we had raised £119.00 Well Done everyone!!!